Ergonomics at the Workstation

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Ergonomics is the process of designing or arranging workplaces, products and systems so that they fit the workers who use them. Workers may be aware of ergonomics and think it’s to do with seating or with the design of control panels and instruments – this is only part of it… there is much more.

Welcome to Ergonomics at the Workstation Course


This training program has been designed and developed to provide the workplace with easy access to Ergonomics at the Workstation, so that the workers can work safely, know their responsibilities and prevent adverse condition that compromise their safety.

This program consists of videos, course manual and a questionnaires to assist in the learning process


Topics Covered


Generally, it covers an overview of the Ergonomics at the Workstation, and how to implement safety management strategies to prevent injury and illness.

Subject Matter include:

This course covers the following topics.

  • What is Ergonomics at the Workstation
  • What are the risks to poor posture?
  • Effects on health and safety
  • How to prevent injury and illness
  • What are you doing to ensure your safety?

Key Learning Objectives:

  • How the law applies
  • Workplace compliance
  • Individual responsibility
  • Actions that are required
  • Ergonomic Health implication

Business Outcomes

  • Meet the business Primary duty of care
  • Prevent litigation
  • Educate on the required behaviour
  • Build a safety workplace
  • Safer Ergonomic Workstations

Target Audience

  • Workplaces, Workers, Supervisors and Management teams.


This course has been divided into sessions of 20 to 25 minutes with short videos of 4 – 6 minutes.  It is design to allow the learner to work in short sessions, or bigger sessions.  Each session has additional information to reinforce the learning process.   After each session there is an assessment process that requires action and collations of evidence to take place in the work area.  The evidence must then be uploaded to the system with written response for the assessment by the trainer/assessor.

The total course is 2-4 hours.