Mastering and Establishing WHS Management Systems

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Overview of the Managing Trades and Contractors Training program

Most businesses use trades and contractors to provide services or assist with other tasks within their projects in their workplace.  In engaging these services liability becomes a factor.

This training program is to assist you to maintain and manage safety compliances easily and effectively in your business.

The Person Conducting the business or Understanding, known as the PCBU is required to ensure a safety workplace, so they bear the full responsibility in managing safety.

This program is designed to provide the PCBU with insider knowledge and understanding on managing safety effectively so they meet their obligations, avoid breaches and fines; and reduce associated costs and down time.

The program consists of resources to enhance the learning process., using a smart phone, tablet and desktop computer.

The training program comprises of the:

  • Written course notes;
  • Videos and
  • Quizzes

You may choose to read the course notes or/and watch the videos.  The duration of the videos are between 5 to 10 minutes. There is a Quiz to complete at the end of each Topic.

This course covers the following topics.

  • The Requirements of the WHS Laws
  • Your Obligations
  • Engaging Contractors
  • Managing the Associated Risk and a


The training program is suitable for:

  • Director and Officers;
  • Management teams;
  • Business Owners;
  • Supervisors;
  • Principle Contractors and employers.

The general goal is to provide strategies for you on effective safety management and compliance.

Please feel free to provide feedback which is helpful in designing and developing the programs.

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