A Workplace Safety Induction

This program is designed to provide knowledge and understanding on the benefits of safety in the workplace.

The program consists of videos and other material and resource to further enhance the learning process., using a smart phone, tablet and desktop computer.

Subject Matter include:

This course covers the following topics.

  • The impact of an unsafe Workplace
  • How injury effects workers
  • The number of deaths at work
  • The benefits of a safer workplace

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Safety is important
  • Injury creates loss
  • Death rates are high
  • Safety has many advantages


Business Outcomes

  • Why safety should be consider
  • Being proactive to prevent injury pays
  • Unsafe conditions cause death
  • Safety benefits to bottom line

Target Audience

  • Workplaces
  • Director and Offices
  • Management
  • Business Owners
  • Supervisors